No-one can escape the rising pressure of living. Even when relaxing from work, much entertainment or distraction is needed to conceal the increasing pressure that affects all aspects of living. There is a constant tide of new births which produces a wave of pressure that travels all over the earth and this would probably be interpreted as the principle source of creative energy that maintains progress. The new births MUST happen, so everyone and everything else MUST keep adjusting. The waves of pressure are unprecedented because population numbers are unprecedented. There is a very firm taboo against criticism of the insanity of compulsive motherhood, meaning preclusion of a possible escape route for some of the pressure. Recognition of that possible escape route would signal the coming into maturity of the human experience, manifesting as intelligent responsibility, but it is not available since the present state of the race depends upon its ignorance of the obvious, regardless of the assumption of rationality. Because of the relentless rise of pressure or compulsion, the number of cases of dementia of all types also rises, as well as other kinds of diseases almost too numerous to list. It is also accountable for the obsession with food and the overeating that gives rise to the obesity that is seen everywhere in the developed world. But all of that is relegated to the specialists while unregulated birth is humanity's foremost imperative.

Pressure arising from the shrinking of the experience value of time and space due to overpopulation comes with growing crowds of protesters and hordes of migrants and refugees who impose harsher, more desperate values upon the host country. The attitudes of the leaders of the countries which are currently being overwhelmed by foreign population excess shows quite clearly that, while enjoying the importance and wealth that comes with power, they are intellectually, morally and emotionally confused. Democracy is in the process of self-destruction through its inability to make sound judgments and to implement them; instead the democratic process is maintained through wasteful argument, which often results in bad decisions. This is not to say that other forms of government, notably autocracy, are any better; they may be prone to sudden acts of violence towards neighbours—as we see in the recent case of Crimea— while democrats tend to believe that "jaw jaw is better than war war." The emancipation of women has resulted in increasing confusion about sex and reproduction; images of lewd women are now the norm of sexual propaganda in progressive societies. Under the democratic process, Sodom and Gomorrah are forced upon the majority under the banner of 'gay pride.'

The maturity of the human experience signifies the development of commonsense, through acceptance of the need for calm assessment of each and every situation, to the point where it is able to see that the assumption of consciousness is the basic cause of human failure and that the study of consciousness and behaviour (they are inseparable) offers the only possibility of wholesome change.



Time at last (well, almost) for the Great British exit from the big dream of a European Union and we see Juncker expressing ever more bitterness as he sees the collapse of his personal dream of himself as Europe's Putin, exercising an iron, unopposable rule over a congeries of unruly states. Several countries which do not have an autocratic form of government have been and currently are faced with the problem of putting up suitable candidates for the top post; such candidates as are chosen are seldom ideally suited for it, so the electorate has to make the best of poor choices. This was evident in the case of America and now we see it in France. Strong, but sensible government is now needed more than ever in Europe and it is to be hoped that a broad understanding will grow of the unsuitability of socialism for democratic government in countries in serious social crises such as France. If democracy is rule by argument, socialism is bureaucratic argument only, since any proposition is always, in theory, forever arguable. In Britain, signs are that government aware of the seriousness of its social problems is already in place, but of course the same cannot be said of Germany, where the unbelievably irresponsible actions of Merkel will have terrible consequences. The question of whether the European nations will be able to save the essential elements of their culture from the inroads of Islamic imperialism is inescapably tied to whether they will ever be able to concede a point where population increase and density can be seen for what it is: overpopulation. If and when humanity comes of age, that is what it will have to be considering; until then, a solution can only remain in potential.



“The Russian strategy, both at home and abroad, is to say there is no such thing as truth.”*

How very true! How could truth be a THING? Let it be acknowledged that truth is utterly and forever beyond the grasp of human thought or intuition; we are creatures of the sphere of infinite mythic relativity, or simply, history. For us, truth is a word which features as either a philosophical abstraction in academic discussion or as a relative term as when ‘the truth’ about something is sought, which comes into play when there is suspicion of lying or deception. The ‘Russian strategy’ therefore is not limited to that country; it is no more than a worldwide cynicism arising from the primal need of an identity to survive and prosper, to add to its prestige and territory when and wherever the opportunity arises. The difference with  Russians is that their primal urge still comes with the strategic use of lies coupled with a degree of crude violence that always surprises their more civilised neighbours to the west. The ruler of Russia encourages the people to crank up a high intensity of nationalistic paranoia and under this influence—and probably that of vodka too—anything the people or their masters hear or see that they don’t like they are to denounce as ‘lies.’ Everyone lies and everyone is potentially to blame. Lying has been called a way of life in Russia and one can suppose that Russians would never claim they usually tell the truth (except perhaps when they are busy accusing others of lying, of course) but that they try not to lie, because that wouldn’t somehow be quite right—unless it was necessary, in which case a lie and perhaps adequate accompanying violence might well be essential for the purposes of territorial and egoic integrity. All just following nature’s way, basically, but with an extra twist here and there peculiar to these coldly passionate people of the north east. It's something of a pity that Russians can't simply relax and be normal Europeans, but their history has a will of its own which so far it seems they cannot defy.

But what is this piece about Russia doing in a blog about overpopulation? It's here because there is a generalised worry about which nation will initiate the next big cull of people and Russia is putting itself forward as a major contender. It prefers to be on the lookout for weak points abroad, rather than improving the standard of living for its people and developing a little culture at home. The ruler is a small man, but having come up from nothing, is dangerously vainglorious.

*Peter Pomerantsev - Russian film maker. 

In this particular context, the article by Boris Schumatsky on lying as a way of life in Russia is a 'must read.' 


Also of interest, Marilyn Murray's article in The Moscow Times 'Why Lying Has Become a National Pastime' | Opinion | The Moscow Times 




A reader has sent us a letter that she has mailed to her Member of Parliament. It restates and confirms much of what we have written here and we are glad to publish it ...

"We are utterly frustrated and bemused by the Government's weakness in handling mass immigration and the refugee crisis. We thought that the fundamental idea of Conservatism was to preserve and nurture the British national identity but instead the Government seems to be allowing our country to be overwhelmed by all manner of thugs and hooligans from the Middle East and Africa who, on reaching our shore, claim multiple rights and benefits.

"The Prime Minister has asserted that we have a moral responsibility to accept,  house and educate many thousands of refugees. This ignores the actual state of Britain where our infrastructure is fragile and overburdened while the land is overcrowded and overpopulated. Surely in the case of Syria, our duty should be to help provide local camps and temporary facilities for refugees while doing whatever we can to stabilise and normalise the country so that they can return home.

"The majority of this wave of migrants are muslims and the very nature of that religion works against to the values of European civilisation. From its inception, Islam has endorsed violence and suppression of any who oppose it. It is clearly mistaken to compromise and appease such a creed.

"Further, we are shocked by the Prime Minister's recent allegation that Britain's top universities, Oxford and Cambridge, discriminate against ethnic minorities and black people. Anyone with half an eye open can see that this is far from the case and that in many cases, minorities actually get preferential treatment!

"People voted for the Conservatives last May because they expected them to protect our country, its values and traditions. We urge the government to stop being weak kneed and stand up for Britain!"




The principle argument that would be made by worshippers of the blind but sacrosanct womb against the charge of overpopulation is that it is a purely subjective judgement and cannot be held to be valid under the norms of social and demographic studies. These studies can and do refer to areas of high population density, of course, but are unable to take the essential step required for sane and honest acknowledgement. 

It must be pointed out that, without the so-called 'subjective' view, nothing at all could even be asserted as existing, let alone comprehensive social and democratic studies. To pretend that the subjective view is invalid and inappropriate is a further example of the deep dishonesty that pervades human experience and behaviour.

Clearly, the root of such dishonesty is to be found in the unspeakable, wonkybonky hotbeds of lust, that is, in the irresistible urge of people to reproduce (with apologies to those of other lust faiths) just like the rest of nature. It's perfectly natural to go on reproducing regardless of circumstances because that's what all other organisms do— and they are all out to dominate the scene if they can. Some of the smallest, to-us pathogenic organisms, for instance, are getting into their stride now that we're having difficulty combating them effectively. There's no chance of looking forward to a disease-free future; that would be the pipe dream of the ravenous womb—if it could smoke!

Let us know should you be unhappy with the conclusion that it's perfectly natural to reproduce beyond the limits that intelligence would suggest or if you spot a flaw in the argument. 

For an exceptionally forthright explanation of how women are unwittingly destroying the high civilisation of 'the West,'  and laying it open to invasion by hostile hordes from the Middle East and Africa, be sure not to miss this video— https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxpVwBzFAkw


With reference to our previous post, it appears that the arrogant foreign students at Oriel College have not been able to force their will on the Principal or whoever decides on policy there. Architectural features of historical value are to remain in place and not be removed to Britain's secret warehouse of patriotic shame. Another nano-victory for the host country!

Meanwhile, police forces in West Yorkshire and Bedfordshire have been pulling out all the stops to thwart peaceful demonstrations by members of the patriotic group Britain First. Similar actions by other police forces in Europe have been taking place. In doing this, they show a distinct preference to protect the Muslim minority from criticism. As Britain First reports: "The police are supposed to be impartial but they are increasingly acting as the enforcement arm of Muslim sensitivities." Whilst it is of course true that really intelligent people would not be able to join the police*, the latter should have the nous to know that by suppressing lawful objection to a gradual Islamic takeover of this Country they are going to be responsible for the creation of an underground movement which will eventually grow beyond their ability to control it. This is the beginning of the war to save Britain from (2) Islamic control and (3) uncontrolled immigration, a fact which is being totally ignored by Britain's weak, confused leaders and decision makers. No wonder they are weak and confused! They have by their ignorance and indecision allowed a serious situation to develop under their noses, one which will take Britain into chaos. 

The only solution to problem #2 is to go for the head of the snake and ban Islam in Britain; remove mosques; give adherents the choice of staying, learning the language we speak and supporting democratic government—or leaving this Country.

Problem #3 needs firm decisions and brisk organisation to control immigration, preceded by or together with a comprehensive public information campaign. This would probably require a government of national unity or salvation to be in place, because democracy is reaching the limit of its usefulness to mankind as its moral dilemmas put obstacles into the path of wise and firm decision making and open the gates to all kinds of destructive influences from abroad.

The Firm, Wise Government of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

It looks very much as if the present government and indeed political system of Britain can no longer cope and that the country is running on an obsolescent system of order. No doubt the silent majority will continue to grumble in their fitted kitchens while their national identity is allowed by default to fall prey to alien forces.

Problem #1 is, as most readers will have intuited, overpopulation

Thank you for your time and attention. 

*IQ tests mistake speed and accuracy of reaction to stimuli for intelligence, thus limiting intelligence to the human reliance on and obsession with measurement and numeracy. 

On the subject of policing in Britain, we think it germane to post some small excerpts from the Mail on Sunday blog of Peter Hitchens—


"The police are too powerful. They are also too feeble. Unless we put both these things right very soon, this will become a very dangerous country.

"We are all less free than we used to be. We have to be careful what we say, especially if we work in the public sector. We are under constant surveillance, from CCTV cameras, and thanks to snoopers who monitor our calls and internet use. If, for some reason, the authorities take against us we can be plunged, in an instant, into an unexpected underworld of highly publicised suspicion that can last for years and ruin us with legal fees, even if at the end they sullenly drop the charges. Nobody is safe from this. If a field marshal in his 90s can be raided at home by 20 officers at breakfast time, and subjected to questioning and searches on the basis of the wild fantasies of an unhappy nobody, then so can you. And though the police themselves will insist they have not released your name, don’t be surprised if this Trial By Plod somehow becomes very public, very quickly.

"Years ago, when I first noticed that something had gone badly wrong with the police, readers would write in and chide me for being rude about a force they still trusted. I get very little of that now. Respect for the police has largely disappeared among the law-abiding classes, and seldom survives any actual contact with them. Now I brace myself for apparently organised abuse from police officers themselves. I should warn them that this behaviour only helps to make my point.

"Only a small part of this crime even reaches the courts any more. Much of it is dealt with, if at all, by empty ‘cautions’ and laughable ‘restorative justice’. The police can then concentrate on what really bothers them. Yet when they turn sternly on the middle classes, they act like continental examining magistrates, who assume everyone is guilty before trial (and sometimes even say so) and demand that suspects co-operate in their own prosecution.
They can arrest, noisily and in large numbers and at miserable times of day, to punish people who have never been found guilty of anything. In most cases, these people would have come willingly to an interview. They can seize property vital to people’s livelihoods, and hang on to it for months. They can grant supposed ‘police bail’, so allowing them to keep their chosen victims under suspicion for years.

"When these things mysteriously become public, they can deny responsibility, and who can prove otherwise? This is oppressive, dangerous and scandalous. The treatment of Lord Bramall may be the last warning we get that it has gone too far, and the best chance to turn the police back into the friends of the public, and the enemies of crime and disorder."



An acquaintance of ours suggested that we might like to post on our blog a letter from him to Oriel College, Oxford. It's to do with a row over whether a statue of Cecil Rhodes, the British empire builder in Africa is so upsetting to foreign students, especially black Africans, that it should be removed. We heartily agree with the sentiments expressed in his letter. Apparently it's fine to be 'racist' as long as one isn't a White European! This is becoming so obvious, yet European Whites (the majority) are still helplessly wringing their hands, claiming that it is 'our moral duty' to give free passage and livelihood to any number of refugees from harsh cultures.

"The fact that Oriel is soliciting opinions with its 'listening exercise' shows that, in spite of its wordy, bureaucratic statement about the Rhodes statue and plaque versus the complaints of guest minorities, it is floundering and in a state of confusion about its role in society. That Oriel seeks 'a way forward' is clear evidence that the (ms.) management thereof is deeply confused, a state of which said minorities are quick to take advantage.

"One suspects that there may be too many women in charge at Oriel; a gender imbalance, nowadays usually weighted rather heavily in favour of women (who nevertheless are always complaining!) can have devastating effects on the intelligent direction of any enterprise, because the certainty of woman is based principally on her ability and apparent need to reproduce. Oh, my, never considered that? No-one is sure how many people there are in Britain; a guess could put the figure at around sixty-five or sixty-six millions, not counting foreign students, illegal immigrants and other visitors; with so many crowded into such a small island, mightn’t it be a good time to start questioning the assumption of motherhood as virtually sacred ground?

"Approaching the age of eighty years as I am, I have of course had to witness the undeniable deterioration of the idea 'Britain' and the concomitant intellectual and moral decline of its people. As guiding principles, we now have the weak, effete ideas of 'diversity,' 'multiculturalism,' 'sexism' and an over-eagerness to bestow generous benefits on practically anyone belonging to a minority culture. There is the case of the African student at Oriel who is actually reported as leading a campaign to have the Rhodes statue removed; what a cheek! one might think, but he is encouraged by oddly anti-British, progressive political views to spit in the faces of those who are helping him get a higher education. Frankly, he ought to be rerouted back to Africa toute suite—before he starts suggesting that the Queen should be replaced with an African woman! Personally, I never got a scholarship for an Oxford education, but then I am one of the English majority here. It is a double privilege to get a place and a scholarship and anyone who doesn't respect the traditions that allow for such should receive a dismissal instead. A country is its history and visitors (including students) should be glad to respect and enjoy it, just as when youngsters from British universities visit Africa they tend to fall over themselves in praise of the pure and simple ways of the natives. That's not really quite the case, of course, I mean about the pure and simple ways, though young socialists no doubt still fall over themselves in their eagerness to make a mark according to the fashion of the day!

"There is a most peculiar kind of self-destructive, anti-British and irresponsible way of thinking that is rife among our own nationals and that is inviting all kinds of riff-raff into this country to reap the benefits of our advanced civilisation. These people gladly and greedily take advantage of progressive, politically correct fools such as those to whom this letter is addressed—and they laugh at them. Quite right too, since it appears that Oriel is trying to do its best to aid in the demise of civilised Britain and its transformation into a chaotic, multiracist free-for-all.

"Don't ask me to give examples; there are so many examples of weak, self-destructive, ingratiating behaviour in higher education especially in regard to minorities, especially non-European minorities—but I really must resist the temptation to engage in what would be the very lengthy, unpaid, thankless work of citing them.

"The great and ancient university of Oxford! What is it reduced to today? Well, most of the books that come out of Oxford are excellent and so of course are so many of its alumni, but I fear that it is now being overrun by multiracialists, who tend to take delight in disparaging the host nation. It needs to be pointed out pragmatically that this world is in fact and inevitably a multiracist one, that so-called 'political correctness' euphemistically indicates socialism—which is a function of overpopulation and not at all clever—and that 'fascism/fascist,' for anyone interested in the meaning of these modish terms of abuse, is very accurately defined for them in Wikipedia.*

"The problem underlying all of this effete silliness in the fields of education and politics is simply that of overpopulation, which although a pressing worldwide issue, is sadly, stupidly and remarkably a taboo subject, resulting in desperate development of ‘artificial intelligence’ in the hope no doubt of supplying what is evidently lacking in humanity's survival toolbox."

*”The term Fascism was first used of the totalitarian right-wing nationalist regime of Mussolini in Italy (1922-43); the regimes of the Nazis in Germany and Franco in Spain were also Fascist. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group, a contempt for democracy, and insistence on obedience to a powerful leader and a strong demagogic approach.” This does not, of course, equate patriotism with fascism, however unfashionable patriotism may be.



I’m back—after months of research into the workings of the mystery popularly called ‘mind.’ And what a mess that is! 

Due to my commitment to the present tense, I can only make a few brief remarks here ...

If you find this web log interesting or amusing, why not overcome that habitual old inertia in order to spread it around a bit?

If you look up ‘overpopulation’ on the internet, you probably won’t be linked to this site, (why not?) but you will see a lot of sites busy arguing that overpopulation is a myth or isn’t true, etc. That of course is not only stupid but utterly crass and is an example of another human speciality: the lie.

Lies happen because humanity has no idea whatsoever of what truth is, and of course a mere idea wouldn’t have much to do with truth either, would it?

Note how much interest is presently circulating in 'artificial intelligence'? This must spring from the obvious fact that humanity's mounting technical cleverness is making it stupid, so it's looking for a new source of intelligence. Even stupider? Yes, of course, but try telling them! If you happen to live in Britain, you may well be staggered by the level of stupidity shown by government and all of its vast array of executive organs. Each day brings fresh evidence of unbelievable, seemingly willful stupidity. Yes, I know I’m repeating that word but really it’s the only one that seems perfectly tailored to fit the body of population and its management in Britain today.

Proponents of Britain’s greatness frequently brag about its long tradition of democracy, —when they’re not smugly demeaning its heroes—but that has to be a sham because the mass of the population is much too self-centred and dulled by over-indulgence to be capable of assisting the country towards wise governance. So the government does all kinds of insane things (see the news about immigration and planting Syrian refugees on the Isle of Bute!) without the slightest consultation with the people. High-handed, or what? The so-called representatives of the people seem mostly too concerned with maintaining their own position and privileges, so the people are left with endless shopping, grumbling about it all in front of their plasma screens and burdening the nearly overwhelmed national health service. And getting fatter and fatter. Disgusting? You bet. Are not these degenerate cultural traits perfect spiritual fodder for the murderous, oh-so-pure and righteous fanatics of Islam?

The principal broadcasting company (the BBC) should be able not only to entertain the swelling masses but to educate them about their country, its traditions and importantly, its language. But mainly, it rocks the worst kind of noise and nonsense around the clock and promotes a feeble, ugly sounding mishmash of dialects to represent the English language. It’s a real shame that it has no pleasant-sounding version of English to broadcast to the world.

So what’s this all about? It’s about ACKNOWLEDGMENT. Acknowledgment of the state of affairs without defence or argument. Without quibble. And where might that lead me? You won’t find out until you do it!



The ultimate development of Islam if unchecked or lacking a civilised, humane counterbalance is the attempt to create a new all-Islamic state such as ISIS. When the original, genuine search for truth degenerates into an elaborate creed complete with its own enforcers, it turns into a tyranny over the people, maintained by savage laws, torture and murder. Mohammed introduced tyranny and murder at the start of his career and so blighted the intellectual, cultural, moral and emotional life of his converts thereafter. Even modern and moderate Islam has this seed of cruelty in it and ISIS is what can happen or perhaps must happen if Islam is allowed to develop to its fullest extent: a fanatical cult based on shar’ia law, its devotees swollen with self-righteous anger. These fanatics pretend to be worshippers of God, Allah but that is of course utter nonsense. If God, Allah has any meaning at all, the extremists show that they have no idea what that is. What is happening is that fervid religiosity, infuriated with the frustration of receiving no divine approval or response, turns into its opposite, giving rise to hellish scenes of hate and suffering. This is because, instead of being concerned with God, Islamic fanaticism is concerned with power and the control of people. Hatred of 'the West' and its ways appears largely because Muslims are intellectually kept at a primitive level by their mediƦval belief systems and are painfully and angrily aware that they have been unable to create a modern, prosperous civilisation. The 'West' is an easy scapegoat for their own failure and shortcomings. Emotional immaturity continues to create chaos in the Middle East. Oil may have saved some of the Arab states from the penury of the desert, but those states show no sign of global responsibility, instead spending their gains on luxurious living and grotesque building developments. They simply do not know what to do with their excess of money, except that it must be spent on their own whims and fancies—as well as on assistance to terrorists, perhaps. ISIS are not worshippers of God but of satan, because no God of perfection, truth and universal love could possibly sanction their brutal behaviour. If allowed to proceed to unchecked self-expression, Islam naturally turns into an horrendous tyranny which needs blood to survive. The ritualised way in which the beheading of helpless, innocent people is carried out, often with crowds (including children) watching, shows that we are seeing a satanic rite of initiation in which each of the fanatics is blooded, so that each is permanently committed to the IS cult of destruction, rape and murder.

Opposing the spread of the virus of Islam are western Europe and America, which are sunk in decadence and overindulgence to the extent that morality has little meaning beyond argument. If ‘the West’ is to check Islamic fanaticism and the present expansionist aggression of Russia, which also has a longstanding tradition of bloodshed, there will have to be radical changes in lifestyle. Vigorous preparations should be under way to deal with these two threats to the freedoms of democracy.