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Here is a short letter that we sent to the Romanian ambassador. It follows his public statements that any problems caused by the flow of immigration from his country and Bulgaria into the United Kingdom, projected for January 2014, are being exaggerated by the press.

Immigrants from the said countries are being attracted to Britain by the higher minimum wage and the various benefits of the welfare system; however, overpopulation is already starting to undermine the infrastructure of the UK.

Subject: Immigration into the UK
Date: 22 February 2013 10:15:38 GMT

Dear Ambassador—

Regarding all the present concern about immigration, particularly from Romania and Bulgaria, the simple fact is that Britain is already seriously overpopulated, though officialdom is in total denial about this. So natives of this Country are quite naturally very worried about another big influx of foreigners. There are hordes of foreigners who have set up their own little mini-states inside Britain, due to the UK's lax policies. This is also another example of how EU policy brings about imbalance in every sphere. The EU is failing but no-one wants to admit it.

It is to be hoped that legislation to control immigration into Britain will be enacted in time to stop a potential disaster. 

Best wishes,


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