This website is presented in order to point out the obvious fact of overpopulation. Clarity is not politically oriented. It does not support or encourage, among other ideas: socialism, anti-Semitism, Islam, terrorism, Nazism whether old or neo, communism, dictatorship, tyranny, diversity, racism, multiculturalism, belligerent nationalism, sexual obsession, gender wrangling, feminism, so-called 'far right politics,' police states, fanaticism, etc. Any comments found on it that might superficially seem political should be understood as merely momentary opinion and criticism offered from a point of view probably quite different from that of the then observer, given that no two persons can occupy exactly the same space simultaneously.

Clarity is totally harmless. It cannot be construed as a 'hate crime.' Unlikely to be looked at by more than a handful of equally harmless readers it is even more unlikely to influence them or anyone else in the slightest.

Hidden in the words of the website is the solution to mankind's endless troubles, but it comes with a screen that forbids entry to states of stupefaction brought about by confusion and conflict within and without—and that of course rules out most of humanity.

Highly recommended: do read the whole publication. It is written and read entirely in presence!


Spike Milligan, the well-known British comedian, made this very un-comical statement about overpopulation, which caused his friends and family to say that he was mad. It raises serious concerns about what we mean by madness, doesn't it? It is perhaps rather a shock to be suddenly faced with the truth, but we hasten to assure readers of our Blog that overpopulation is gaining ground in popularity by the day, so not to worry.

"We haven't any visionaries in our midst at all. These jokers at the moment are trying to keep pace with the now. They're trying to build hospitals to put patients into that will wind up anyhow.... Stay a fittle while, hang on, don't take me away - this is very important what I say."
"The nub of the matter is this: overpopulation. No building programme has ever caught up with this population. Nobody ever is going to catch up with the population. They've got to catch up with the population first, and then start the building programme."
"You need contaceptives. You must use them, otherwise you are going to be a great glutinous mass like China where people can't have any individuality and you are all Mao Tse-tung's. One big globular mess. You must have individuality. You can't have numbers and quahty. Anything that runs to seed has no beauty anymore. So you do need a crash programme for birth control throughout the world - a crash programme. Is anyone in Parliament today talking a word about it, seriously? No."

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