This website is presented in order to point out the obvious fact of overpopulation. Clarity is not politically oriented. It does not support or encourage, among other ideas: socialism, anti-Semitism, Islam, terrorism, Nazism whether old or neo, communism, dictatorship, tyranny, diversity, racism, multiculturalism, belligerent nationalism, sexual obsession, gender wrangling, feminism, so-called 'far right politics,' police states, fanaticism, etc. Any comments found on it that might superficially seem political should be understood as merely momentary opinion and criticism offered from a point of view probably quite different from that of the then observer, given that no two persons can occupy exactly the same space simultaneously.

Clarity is totally harmless. It cannot be construed as a 'hate crime.' Unlikely to be looked at by more than a handful of equally harmless readers it is even more unlikely to influence them or anyone else in the slightest.

Hidden in the words of the website is the solution to mankind's endless troubles, but it comes with a screen that forbids entry to states of stupefaction brought about by confusion and conflict within and without—and that of course rules out most of humanity.

Highly recommended: do read the whole publication. It is written and read entirely in presence!


A little known fact: Ladies, Women and Girls! Did you know that you are not actually obliged to reproduce? That's right, you do not have to have a baby! All you do is take the Pill or, much, much better, stay away from penises and sperm banks. It's that simple. But you must put some effort into it if you want to avoid the miseries of overpopulation. You will then be able to say that you've done your bit for the planet. It will be noticed by local birds and other creatures and you will observe how they suddenly seem more friendly towards you.

I should add, though, that prancing around on stage in your underwear won't do anything to help the overpopulation problem. Recently a singer was 'twerking'* on stage as I was on my way out, being rather disgusted by all the lewdness —and dammit if she didn't 'twerk' the ash off my cigar as I passed!

Spread it around Ladies: no-one is obliged by any law whatsoever to have a baby! I know this sounds quite extraordinary, but once your sisters cotton on, they'll all want to waive motherhood. Let me tell you, the results of not having a baby are incredibly good and your chances of a lifetime of happiness are increased immeasurably. There is no reason why you shouldn't have a partner and it can even be a male one. If you love tots, why, you can always obtain employment at a crèche or primary school. As for the male side of the equation, many men are not really keen on being fathers and quite a few actually abandon the home once a child appears—which is a rather poor show, isn't it? So the moral is crystal clear: there is no need to have children, partly because the world is already choc full of them and besides, your inner child can use all the love it can get from you.

* Twerking. Large numbers of our readers may not know the meaning of this ultramodern expression; it is used of a singer/songwriter/dancer—usually female, thank heavens—who presents her bottom to the audience, waggling it vigorously, often in time to very loud 'music.' It could be defined as 'making the most of a bad job.'

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