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Hidden in the words of the website is the solution to mankind's endless troubles, but it comes with a screen that forbids entry to states of stupefaction brought about by confusion and conflict within and without—and that of course rules out most of humanity.

Highly recommended: do read the whole publication. It is written and read entirely in presence!


The ultimate development of Islam if unchecked or lacking a civilised, humane counterbalance is the attempt to create a new all-Islamic state such as ISIS. When the original, genuine search for truth degenerates into an elaborate creed complete with its own enforcers, it turns into a tyranny over the people, maintained by savage laws, torture and murder. Mohammed introduced tyranny and murder at the start of his career and so blighted the intellectual, cultural, moral and emotional life of his converts thereafter. Even modern and moderate Islam has this seed of cruelty in it and ISIS is what can happen or perhaps must happen if Islam is allowed to develop to its fullest extent: a fanatical cult based on shar’ia law, its devotees swollen with self-righteous anger. These fanatics pretend to be worshippers of God, Allah but that is of course utter nonsense. If God, Allah has any meaning at all, the extremists show that they have no idea what that is. What is happening is that fervid religiosity, infuriated with the frustration of receiving no divine approval or response, turns into its opposite, giving rise to hellish scenes of hate and suffering. This is because, instead of being concerned with God, Islamic fanaticism is concerned with power and the control of people. Hatred of 'the West' and its ways appears largely because Muslims are intellectually kept at a primitive level by their mediƦval belief systems and are painfully and angrily aware that they have been unable to create a modern, prosperous civilisation. The 'West' is an easy scapegoat for their own failure and shortcomings. Emotional immaturity continues to create chaos in the Middle East. Oil may have saved some of the Arab states from the penury of the desert, but those states show no sign of global responsibility, instead spending their gains on luxurious living and grotesque building developments. They simply do not know what to do with their excess of money, except that it must be spent on their own whims and fancies—as well as on assistance to terrorists, perhaps. ISIS are not worshippers of God but of satan, because no God of perfection, truth and universal love could possibly sanction their brutal behaviour. If allowed to proceed to unchecked self-expression, Islam naturally turns into an horrendous tyranny which needs blood to survive. The ritualised way in which the beheading of helpless, innocent people is carried out, often with crowds (including children) watching, shows that we are seeing a satanic rite of initiation in which each of the fanatics is blooded, so that each is permanently committed to the IS cult of destruction, rape and murder.

Opposing the spread of the virus of Islam are western Europe and America, which are sunk in decadence and overindulgence to the extent that morality has little meaning beyond argument. If ‘the West’ is to check Islamic fanaticism and the present expansionist aggression of Russia, which also has a longstanding tradition of bloodshed, there will have to be radical changes in lifestyle. Vigorous preparations should be under way to deal with these two threats to the freedoms of democracy.

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