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An acquaintance of ours suggested that we might like to post on our blog a letter from him to Oriel College, Oxford. It's to do with a row over whether a statue of Cecil Rhodes, the British empire builder in Africa is so upsetting to foreign students, especially black Africans, that it should be removed. We heartily agree with the sentiments expressed in his letter. Apparently it's fine to be 'racist' as long as one isn't a White European! This is becoming so obvious, yet European Whites (the majority) are still helplessly wringing their hands, claiming that it is 'our moral duty' to give free passage and livelihood to any number of refugees from harsh cultures.

"The fact that Oriel is soliciting opinions with its 'listening exercise' shows that, in spite of its wordy, bureaucratic statement about the Rhodes statue and plaque versus the complaints of guest minorities, it is floundering and in a state of confusion about its role in society. That Oriel seeks 'a way forward' is clear evidence that the (ms.) management thereof is deeply confused, a state of which said minorities are quick to take advantage.

"One suspects that there may be too many women in charge at Oriel; a gender imbalance, nowadays usually weighted rather heavily in favour of women (who nevertheless are always complaining!) can have devastating effects on the intelligent direction of any enterprise, because the certainty of woman is based principally on her ability and apparent need to reproduce. Oh, my, never considered that? No-one is sure how many people there are in Britain; a guess could put the figure at around sixty-five or sixty-six millions, not counting foreign students, illegal immigrants and other visitors; with so many crowded into such a small island, mightn’t it be a good time to start questioning the assumption of motherhood as virtually sacred ground?

"Approaching the age of eighty years as I am, I have of course had to witness the undeniable deterioration of the idea 'Britain' and the concomitant intellectual and moral decline of its people. As guiding principles, we now have the weak, effete ideas of 'diversity,' 'multiculturalism,' 'sexism' and an over-eagerness to bestow generous benefits on practically anyone belonging to a minority culture. There is the case of the African student at Oriel who is actually reported as leading a campaign to have the Rhodes statue removed; what a cheek! one might think, but he is encouraged by oddly anti-British, progressive political views to spit in the faces of those who are helping him get a higher education. Frankly, he ought to be rerouted back to Africa toute suite—before he starts suggesting that the Queen should be replaced with an African woman! Personally, I never got a scholarship for an Oxford education, but then I am one of the English majority here. It is a double privilege to get a place and a scholarship and anyone who doesn't respect the traditions that allow for such should receive a dismissal instead. A country is its history and visitors (including students) should be glad to respect and enjoy it, just as when youngsters from British universities visit Africa they tend to fall over themselves in praise of the pure and simple ways of the natives. That's not really quite the case, of course, I mean about the pure and simple ways, though young socialists no doubt still fall over themselves in their eagerness to make a mark according to the fashion of the day!

"There is a most peculiar kind of self-destructive, anti-British and irresponsible way of thinking that is rife among our own nationals and that is inviting all kinds of riff-raff into this country to reap the benefits of our advanced civilisation. These people gladly and greedily take advantage of progressive, politically correct fools such as those to whom this letter is addressed—and they laugh at them. Quite right too, since it appears that Oriel is trying to do its best to aid in the demise of civilised Britain and its transformation into a chaotic, multiracist free-for-all.

"Don't ask me to give examples; there are so many examples of weak, self-destructive, ingratiating behaviour in higher education especially in regard to minorities, especially non-European minorities—but I really must resist the temptation to engage in what would be the very lengthy, unpaid, thankless work of citing them.

"The great and ancient university of Oxford! What is it reduced to today? Well, most of the books that come out of Oxford are excellent and so of course are so many of its alumni, but I fear that it is now being overrun by multiracialists, who tend to take delight in disparaging the host nation. It needs to be pointed out pragmatically that this world is in fact and inevitably a multiracist one, that so-called 'political correctness' euphemistically indicates socialism—which is a function of overpopulation and not at all clever—and that 'fascism/fascist,' for anyone interested in the meaning of these modish terms of abuse, is very accurately defined for them in Wikipedia.*

"The problem underlying all of this effete silliness in the fields of education and politics is simply that of overpopulation, which although a pressing worldwide issue, is sadly, stupidly and remarkably a taboo subject, resulting in desperate development of ‘artificial intelligence’ in the hope no doubt of supplying what is evidently lacking in humanity's survival toolbox."

*”The term Fascism was first used of the totalitarian right-wing nationalist regime of Mussolini in Italy (1922-43); the regimes of the Nazis in Germany and Franco in Spain were also Fascist. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group, a contempt for democracy, and insistence on obedience to a powerful leader and a strong demagogic approach.” This does not, of course, equate patriotism with fascism, however unfashionable patriotism may be.

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