A reader has sent us a letter that she has mailed to her Member of Parliament. It restates and confirms much of what we have written here and we are glad to publish it ...

"We are utterly frustrated and bemused by the Government's weakness in handling mass immigration and the refugee crisis. We thought that the fundamental idea of Conservatism was to preserve and nurture the British national identity but instead the Government seems to be allowing our country to be overwhelmed by all manner of thugs and hooligans from the Middle East and Africa who, on reaching our shore, claim multiple rights and benefits.

"The Prime Minister has asserted that we have a moral responsibility to accept,  house and educate many thousands of refugees. This ignores the actual state of Britain where our infrastructure is fragile and overburdened while the land is overcrowded and overpopulated. Surely in the case of Syria, our duty should be to help provide local camps and temporary facilities for refugees while doing whatever we can to stabilise and normalise the country so that they can return home.

"The majority of this wave of migrants are muslims and the very nature of that religion works against to the values of European civilisation. From its inception, Islam has endorsed violence and suppression of any who oppose it. It is clearly mistaken to compromise and appease such a creed.

"Further, we are shocked by the Prime Minister's recent allegation that Britain's top universities, Oxford and Cambridge, discriminate against ethnic minorities and black people. Anyone with half an eye open can see that this is far from the case and that in many cases, minorities actually get preferential treatment!

"People voted for the Conservatives last May because they expected them to protect our country, its values and traditions. We urge the government to stop being weak kneed and stand up for Britain!"


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