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Pride of Russia. Where is the pride of Britain?

Just why is Russia so belligerent? They won the last war (with the largely unacknowledged participation and considerable help of the Western Allies) and that was quite a long time ago; since then they have been building up their armed forces, they have marched in and seized Ukraine’s Crimea (with a totally unbelievable referendum and their troops in a feeble disguise), they constantly stir up trouble in eastern Ukraine and they threaten to undermine the whole of Western civilisation with military probes and hacking. What is wrong with these people? Aside from the facts that Russia is at present a dictatorship that brooks no opposition and that a dictator is supported by his military and that the military must in turn be supported by huge expenditure, military exercises and new war toys, what kind of country is it—just for an instance—that can still look up to Stalin? This man, Josef Vissarionovich Dzugashvili, was a Georgian criminal who, on the bandwagon of the Communist Revolution, wangled his way to the top position in Russia, from which he oversaw and ordered the arrests, torture, enslavement and murder of millions of innocent Russian and Ukrainian citizens, as well as those of numerous other nationalities. Stalin ordered the starvation of millions of Ukrainians, among others, in order to feed his mad theory of collectivised farm production. 

Respect the National Identity and Culture of Ukraine!

This is not to mention the many other criminals who ran the Soviet Union with ruthless brutality under the banner of revolutionary communism, many of whom continue to be posthumously honoured in various ways. Russia’s present ruler has tried to prevent further research into what happened in the terrible years of communist repression, because it simply is too awful to accept as the true history of his country. But there are copious records of much of what went on and it is so utterly evil that it is easy to understand why he wants it suppressed. Putin apparently cannot give way now and admit the past evils as Germany did and moved on; an autocrat he must remain until circumstances force change.  Once out of power, he could just conceivably face prosecution as a criminal himself for many abuses of office, if ever more democratic policies should prevail. So the present situation is that those governing Russia maintain a strong sense of nationhood for the country, but pretend to see themselves in a state of siege, surrounded by potential enemies, just as the Kaiser’s Germany imagined itself to be; it built up an army of four million, which inevitably went to war, lost and nurtured a grudge that grew into another, even greater war. It is nothing short of absurd to think that yet another go at war could produce a winner and even Russia with all its bombast must know that. Russia's working philosophy seems to be that Man is an animal and animals win with a combination of brute force and stealth. What is universally worrying though, is that increasing cleverness in production masks the dangerous stupidity of emotionality in turmoil; humanity knows that in spite of its cleverness it is monumentally stupid. Its track record or history together with the state of the world today are abundant evidence.

At the other end of the scale from Russia, we have in Europe the formerly great Britain, which, being trapped in old-fashioned notions of democracy and fairness, is slowly disintegrating under the pressure of its out-of-control population numbers, as increasing hordes of migrants from poorer countries stream in to avail themselves of the benefits that Britain is still somehow able to afford to hand out. The idea of nationhood itself is under attack, being ousted by a heavy emphasis on publicising minority ethnicities, so that advertisements all over the country, both official and commercial, now usually feature people of African descent, as typified on the cover of a brochure from the Royal Bank of Scotland. This kind of advertising, though extremely peculiar and incongruous—as shown below—is becoming the apparently accepted norm in Britain.

Those who actively stand up for nationhood or patriotism are thoroughly suppressed, because it has been all but decided that Britain will fatalistically move on to become a mixed race of people who will have no interest in the country as an historical entity and who could be ruled by a well-to-do socialist elite, through a series of soviets descending in power and importance. This would happen because socialism is a concomitant of overpopulation rather than a clever socio-economic doctrine or theory. It would be a peculiarly British brand of socialism, that would have a generous attitude towards existing wealth and productivity, which after all would have to fund much of its policy. Conservatism always makes a comeback after the socialists have done enough damage, but if population numbers were to continue to rise, their feeble voice could be drowned out by the vociferous grievances of the masses.

The present Conservative government of Britain is very likely already too weak and divided in itself to resist the pressure of a populace whose politics is a dedicated self-interest that inevitably favours socialism. It is most unlikely that the said government is aware of this implication of uncontrolled population growth.

Liberty GB, which was founded and led by Paul Weston some four years ago, to bring notice to the growing threat of Islam in Britain, is closing in favour of Ann Marie Waters' new party For Britain. We left this comment on his website:

"Very sorry you weren't able to break through into national awareness, Paul. The trouble with Britain is actually even deeper, though. There's a fact that is more taboo even than patriotism in this country and that is OVERPOPULATION. 'Overcrowding' is probably a more accessible term for the sensitive thinker, but it easily dodges the issue. If this is not brought into public awareness it will bring still greater chaos than will the upcoming struggle against Islam. The matter of Islam should be dealt with in short order: it should be banned, a sensible period of notice having been given. However, it is obvious that most of Britain is in a heavy slumber, so the likelihood is that it will blunder on into widespread disorder, with a huge spectrum of criminality taking advantage of the breakdown. An associated problem is that Britain is increasingly being run by women; it seems that few men can stomach the heavy responsibility of governing, while women, being womb-driven, have their motivation ready supplied by their gender and anatomy! Just look at all the firm women now occupying important positions and then at their pathetic male counterparts. Any man who stands up for Britain and traditional British values is likely to be suppressed by the police, who after all, are the servants of blind reproduction. It is no accident that at the time of writing, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police is Cressida Dick. There are other examples everywhere one looks. What I have written here is certain to meet with condemnation, but do take a moment to consider the points mentioned: they could be stating facts we all need to face and acknowledge."

Do we not have yet another example above of a man deserting his post (as Mr Farage deserted UKIP, even if he does do excellent work in the European Parliament) and being replaced by a woman? Well, there is little chance it will work. All efforts to make a sensible patriotic policy work are attacked by opposition from within and without, one of the destructive characteristics of democracy.

Gynocentric politics and unconscionable, ignorant motherhood—the present trend in European government being for housewives to run a country—will be the doom of humanity and it has a head start in rapidly deteriorating Britain. 

"Cooking, cleaning mums will be banned in advertisements across the UK from next year, following a study which claimed traditional gender roles are 'harmful and outdated.'

The decision to tighten regulation was announced by the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) this week, after a report published in summer identified gender stereotypes in adverts as a driver of inequality between men and women. 

To an intelligent observer, the above ban may seem utterly ridiculous and even rather insulting to both sexes, but women must be even more emancipated than ever before, particularly so that they can obtain positions where they can run countries. Then we shall see what a wonderful job women can do in maintaining order and encouraging prosperity! British men can be counted on to support women in their stressful, responsible positions: Women! You can count on us!

Put a woman on a pedestal, but don't be surprised if she kicks you in the teeth. (If that's what you actually want, count me out!)

'Diversity' Britain is a country now subjecting itself to forced ethnic integration, where even royalty has decided to mix race and very few citizens care to speak their own language properly. There are many sites on YouTube—one of the few truly public outlets for free speech, though that could change at any time—that express the growing fears of 'white genocide,' and there certainly does seem to be something like a peculiar death wish wafting around persuasively among those of European stock. One way in which this racial stock has been unknowingly, unwittingly undermined for decades is the prevalence and popularity of hypnotic, mind-numbing black music fashions, which are often very 'catchy,' which are avidly copied by the white man's music, and belted out on radio around the clock. The modern idea about race seems to be that it doesn't matter what race a person is; all people are basically 'good' and therefore deserve at least equal treatment and attention, if not better treatment and perks because of belonging to a minority. Good socialist thinking. And anyway it may well be too late to preserve the European stock because it is not only being forced out, but is actually assisting the process in various ways. From there, the argument goes on and on and Britain and other European countries continue to fill up with refugees from just about anywhere on earth. Anyone who wants to check Britain's stealth 'diversity' agenda can try posting a comment in the relevant section of the supposedly centre right newspaper, The Daily Mail. There, any pointed comment will be simply 'moderated' into oblivion. The Daily Mail doesn't want to be embroiled in controversy, but simply to saturate its readers with the scandal and sexual obsessions that are what Britain today is all about. 

"Diversity is a Code Word for White Genocide." This is the title of a YouTube video clip that has been 'blocked' for UK viewers. Well, the title and the fact that it has been removed just about says it all, doesn't it? 

"The media are cowards and are terrified of telling the truth about Islam."  —Liberty, GB 

Deviation from the policy that government is driving in can now all too easily be labelled by police as 'hate crime.' One wonders how nasty it can get, this official policy of silencing its own citizens. Whatever the case, it is clear that Britain's ignorance is just begging for trouble. Russia has special, highly trained and notoriously brutal forces for quick suppression of any opposition; will Britain be able to do likewise? 

National Action is or was a 'far right, neo-Nazi' organisation that was recently (December 2016) proscribed, or banned, by the Home Secretary (who is of course a woman) as a terrorist organisation.

"As Home Secretary, I am clear that the safety and security of our families, communities and country comes first. So today I am taking action to proscribe the neo-Nazi group National Action. This will mean that being a member of, or inviting support for, this organisation will be a criminal offence.

"National Action is a racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic organisation which stirs up hatred, glorifies violence and promotes a vile ideology,* and I will not stand for it. It has absolutely no place in a Britain that works for everyone."  

* This wouldn't resemble Islam, by any chance, would it? 

Clarity was unable to check on the veracity of Amber Rudd's charges against NA, or indeed to find out much about it at all, because it was banned before it had a chance to do so. It may be noted that labels like 'far Right,' 'neo-Nazi' and 'fascist' are really vulgar slogans in use principally by the advancing socialist ethic and their use surely bolsters the self-righteous stance of the Left, who after all, are only in this insofar as it 'works for everyone.' However, the religion of Islam, which is by its own holy book, a political system based on terror, is allowed to flourish undisturbed, because its danger is ignored and its ready recourse to extreme violence is greatly feared by the forces of law and order. As long as Islam is permitted to grow in numbers it has every reason to remain peaceful in appearance, but when the numbers have grown enough to enable it to vote itself into power democratically, its fundamentally violent nature will become abundantly clear to a people who will feel foolish and fearful for having pretended for so long that there was no threat. 

There are constant threats issued by Islamic clerics and those they have influenced and their illegal shar'ia law operates clandestinely in Britain.

The men who fought and died in two world wars to save Britain from foreign domination would be horrified if they could see what is happening here today. The honour that is traditionally paid to them in ritual and ceremony is mere empty show if the British do not honour and maintain the values they fought for.

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